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GANNI is a purpose-led and distinctive Scandinavian brand defining smart luxury on their own terms. Their power is in their ability to communicate authentically with audience and inspire the next generation to follow. 


Born in Paris and inspired by the 70's and 80's American rock scene, IRO is driven by the desire to build a simple and strong wardrobe composed like a soundtrack.

Rigor and fluidity, androgyny and femininity. Pomandére interprets the women's clothing according to its own recognizable and confident style, which stands out for the tailored conception and realization of each garment.

Pure geometries, soft, natural and material hues draw a subtle and eternally contemporary total look, which dresses every day and every moment and lets itself be rediscovered continuously in the wardrobe, with the same pleasure. After a day, after a few months, after years.

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Proudly studio designed in the heart of Amsterdam, the brand embodies an understated coolness and edge through effortless silhouettes and subtle design details.

Les Coyotes de Paris seeks to create a contemporary wardrobe with a clear-cut individuality and deliberate femininity. The collections span across constructed suiting, strong denim, reimagined knitwear, and feminine shaping and draping.

Curated collections that are thoughtfully designed with longevity in mind. 

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YUME YUME aspires to create unique design pieces for all creatives in the world. Everyone is a creative in their own unique way. Our brand is for the dream builders, the people who dare to imagine and construct their own surroundings rather than purely inhabiting them.

Our customer is a sensible one, a curator if you will, that pays attention to details in the objects they acquire. They use fashion in a conscious way to build their identity, and want to stand out from the crowd. They value original and conscious design.

Consider our collection an ode to those who have a nature for sparking interest and curiosity. An act of love for originality.

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